Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Konark(The Sun Temple) Dance Festival

The Sun Temple, Konark is famous due to many reasons including one of the most attractive Konark Festival. Visitors enjoy the sightseeing as well as the exquisite beaches or the resorts situated near to the Konark temple.  There is an add on for visitors especially if they are visiting in the month of December to Konark at Odisha. The real fact lies in watching awesome classical dancers in their festive mood to show their respect & love towards this ancient culture Konark Temple. Over the years, the dance academies of odisha have continuously been coming up with this cultural festival. It is one of the most fascinating and popular dance festivals in India.

In the occasion of Konark Dance Festival visitors get chance to visit Chau dance,  Kathak dance, Bharatnatyam dance, Manipuri dance and the artistic talent in the classical forms of dances. Here not only viewers are restricted in enjoying the amazing dance, but also  another option of having a stroll at the crafts mela. The crafts mela is a must visit place that has an huge collections of handmade items.

If you are planning your trip to odisha, then do plan in December to enjoy the Konark dance festival as well as the nearby places like lord Jagganath temple and Chilika Lake where you can visit irrawady dolphins.